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Richie Stephens/h1>

Hair: Blonde Height: 6’1
Weight: 180 Eyes: Blue

Title Role Director / Company
Fruitvale Station Supporting Ryan Coogler / The Weinstein Company
Saint of Auschwitz Principal Chris Commons / Hallmark
Selling Dreams Lead Pharoah Powell
Running Amok in Hollywood Lead Patrick Roberts
Elixir Lead Roger Stoneburner
The Shop Supporting Michael Shawn Cunningham
Red Hunter Supporting Chris Damm
Garden of Eden Supporting Carolyn Cavallero
Cars and Ladies (short) Lead Svetlana Mril
A Pie of Apple Pie (short) Lead Tramanh Vu
1989 Supporting Jason Power
Rey Supporting YVS Chowdary
Credence (short) Supporting Weston Simpson
Title Role Director / Company
Wives with Knives Episode 205 Guest Star Mike Bruining / ID Channel
Supreme Justice Guest Star Stream Gardner / Court TV
Tattoo Nightmares – Episode “Brock’s Story” Guest Star Brad Kreisberg / Spike TV
Smugglers – Episode 104 Guest Star Evan Cecil / National Geographic
Monstresses – Episode 103 Guest Star Evan Cecil / Biography
World’s Astonishing News Episode “Woman falls in love…” Guest Star Nakazawa / Japan
World’s Astonishing News – Episode “Mystery Illness..” Guest Star Nakazawa / Japan
Wives With Knives – Ep 204 Co-star Evan Cecil / ID Channel
Zombie Queen Co-star Senta Burke / Mighty Avocado
World’s Astonishing News – Ep “Whitney Kropp” Co-star Nakazawa / Japan
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover – Promo Co-star Evan Cecil / Discovery Channel
I Solved a Mystery – Episode 102 Co-star Evan Cecil / Biography
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover Co-star Ted Leonard / Discovery Channel
Wives with Knives Episode 105 Co-star Evan Cecil / ID Channel
Wives with Knives Episode 103 Co-star Evan Cecil / ID Channel
Title Role Director / Company
Iphone 5 Basketball Dunker Andrew Zuckerman, Director
Target C9 Soccer Player Philip Pavlige, Director
Title Role Director / Company
Stand & Deliver Chuco Diablo Valley College
Last Days Of Judas Pilot Diablo Valley College
Scratch Committee Pacifica Spindrift players
Madea Jason Diablo Valley College
Angela in America joe Diablo Valley College
Fences Cory Diablo Valley College
Title Role Director / Company
Ascension Digital Studios (Istock) Jim Manalisay, Director


Beverley Hills Playhouse
Shelly Mitchell Actors Center of San Francisco- Method Acting
Diablo Valley College- Advanced Acting

Special Skills

Musical – Trumpet, rapping,
Athletic – Bench press 265Ibs, sailing, basketball, Football, Biking, Track, Tae Kwon Do, Stage Combat, Bowling, Diving, Swimming, Cooking, Running, Horseback riding
Accents – African, Jamcain, Southern, New York, British

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